What Is Ex Display

Worthington brougham Furniture Condition Guide

Brand New

We hope this is self explanatory! Brand new condition items are, as you’d expect, offered in perfect condition with no faults. Our brand new stock may be discounted due to being out of season, excess inventory or a cancelled order.

Sample Pieces and Prototypes

Some of our brand new products are samples and prototypes, made by a variety of different British brands. We often find that our prototype models are made to a higher specification than the production model, or in a slightly different design.

Ex display

Products described as ex display have been on display in our showroom in Clitheroe for a short period of time. All ex display products come with a description of their condition as follows:

  • Excellent – Ex display products described as excellent condition do not have any faults and do not show signs of wear beyond “someone sat on this a few times”. They are usually indistinguishable from brand new products and may come with the original tags still attached.
  • Very Good – Ex display products described as very good condition show some minor signs of having been on display, the specifics of which will be described on the product page. Usually this is nothing more than a little wrinkling to the material or leather, which will be detailed in the photos and description.
  • Slight Second – Any of our products described as a slight second has a cosmetic fault. This may be a manufacturing defect, such as having been made with two left hand seat cushions, or it may have acquired a mark or two from a failed delivery. We will always give full details of any issues present so that you can make an informed decision about your purchase. As you’d expect, products in “slight second” condition are discounted to sell, and are therefore offered at a considerably lower price than our other stock.

We specialise in sourcing the highest quality furniture and homewares at the lowest possible prices, and with this in mind we do not sell secondhand furniture or accessories. We want our customers to be happy, not just when you place your order in store or online, but also when you take delivery. For this reason we do our best to ensure we describe everything we sell as thoroughly and accurately as possible. We're always happy to answer any questions you might have, so if there's anything you're unsure of please get in touch.