Price Beating Guarantee

We'll Beat Any Price - Guaranteed save money at wbfurniture

The reason we offer a price beating guarantee? Because we know you can’t find our furniture for sale cheaper anywhere else. When we say we’re 30-95% less than the high street price on everything we have for sale, we don’t mean 30% off the RRP (recommended retail price) or the MRP (manufacturer’s recommended price). We mean literally, 30-95% off the price that the exact same item sells for on the high street. For prototype and one off sample pieces the comparison price is based on the closest available product, matching the quality, fabric, fillings and manufacturer to give the most accurate comparison price available.

Our Price Beating Guarantee

We do our best to make sure that we offer our furniture and accessories at the best price in the UK. That means we compare directly to the sale price – not the RRP, MRP or other imaginary prices but the actual price each item actually sells for on the high street. We’re so confident that we’re the cheapest, we offer a price beating guarantee! If you can find any of our homewares, furniture or accessories for sale at a lower price elsewhere, we won’t just match their price – we’ll beat it.

How to Use our Price Beating Guarantee:

  1. The Hard Part – Find the same product for sale for less.
  2. The Easy Part – Email [email protected] and let us know.
  3. Show Us – Send us a photograph of the price tag taken in store or a link to the product for sale online.
  4. We’ll Beat Their Price – Guaranteed!

Our Price Beating Guarantee Covers All FurnitureThe “Small Print”

The price must be for the same make, model and quality as the item we have for sale. This includes the same leather or fabric type (but not colour), fillings, size, and features like recliners or sofa beds.

It must be the same or better condition, not secondhand or damaged.

You will need to provide evidence in the form of a photo of the price tag or a link to the product for sale on the retailer's website, and this needs to be current, in stock and available to order or purchase from the company offering the product for sale.

It must be from a genuine UK based, VAT registered, legitimate company.

That’s it!