If you have any questions please give us a ring on 01200 444 361 during opening hours, or contact us through our website.

How Much Is Delivery?
It all depends on what it is you want and where you want it to go! If there's a specific item you want delivering please contact us either through the site, over the phone or via email for an accurate delivery price. For more information about how our deliveries work please see our delivery info pages.

Why are your prices so low?
Because we like our customers, and we know you like a bargain! We keep our prices low by selling primarily clearance stock - ex-display, cancelled orders and photographic models. Please see our "About Us" page for more details.

What's your best cash price?
Rest assured you cannot offend us by offering us money, even if it's not as much money as we'd like - but we can't promise to accept every offer either! It all depends on what you mean when you say "cash", and what you want for the money. If you're paying with cash on collection or debit card, and you don't need delivery, storage or any other included services, or if you're making a large purchase, we'll be happy to negotiate a better price for you. We also offer trade discounts. If you'd like to negotiate a bulk purchase discount, do keep in mind that you'll need to purchase and pay for all the items included in the sale to get the discount.

We supply full VAT receipts with every purchase.

What model is this sofa? Who makes it? Who sells it?
The agreement we have with our suppliers means we're not always allowed to advertise particular makes or models under their brand names, but if you ask us directly over the phone or via email we can usually tell you what you want to know. As a general rule, if you're looking at something and you think you know what make or model it is, you're probably right - we only sell the original brands.

Where do you get your stock?
We source our stock all over Europe, travelling the length and breadth of the UK and beyond to find the very best deals on the highest quality stock for our customers. Our ex-display stock comes from the floors of some of the UK's most prestigious stores, including famous shops and department stores in London (particularly Knightsbridge). We also frequently get sample pieces and photographic models from famous designers, as well as ex-display and cancelled orders from UK highstreet stores.

Can you store my purchase for a few days/weeks/months/a year?
Our storage space is quite limited, but we can usually agree to store furniture for customers if you arrange it with us beforehand. Please tell us if you need your furniture storing when you make your purchase - if you don't arrange anything with us you will be charged for storage after two weeks, at a rate of £10 per day. You will be informed of any storage charges well before they are applied.

Do you do part exchanges? Will you buy my old sofa?
Sorry, we don't offer part-exchanges or buy stock from customers as we don't sell secondhand furniture, or furniture that has been in somebody's house. If you're looking to sell your old furniture we can recommend eBay or Gumtree online or one of the advert papers such as Loot. Feel free to ask us for advice!

Will you take my old furniture away? I don't want money for it.
We can't offer this service ourselves, but if your furniture is still in good usable condition, and has an intact fire safety label, there are several charities that may take it away for you, including the YMCA and some PDSA stores. If you want we can look up which charities operate in your area for you and give you their details. If your furniture is not usable most local councils will remove it from outside your house for free if you phone them.

I need some advice, can you help me?
Sure we can! With over 40 years experience in the interiors industry, we know our stock inside and out and we don't mind sharing what we know. We frequently do walkarounds for customers who are unable to visit our showroom for any reason. We'll examine the furniture from all angles, take any extra pictures you think you might need, and help you work out which is the right piece for you. We'll even sit on the sofas with you on the phone and tell you how soft or supportive they are. We'd be happy to help you pick out the right furniture and accessories for the look you want, and we keep ourselves up to date on all the current trends. Just give us a ring or ask in store.